outdoor sessions

I have put together a guide (only a guide!) and tips to help the session go as smoothly as possible. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please get in touch!


Outdoor locations such as the park are great as kids feel less pressure to "perform" for the camera; I love allowing kids to take the lead! I will take some candid shots and occasionally stop to guide you into position. Don't feel you all have to freeze and smile at the camera though! Get close in, laugh, tickle, throw your kid in the air and hold them tight - I will capture the love and bond you have as a family.

Make sure you bring spare clothes if your little one may need to change and make sure they are well rested and fed. We can take regular breaks to stop your little one getting too overwhelmed.

I may bring along a few props, such as a picnic blanket to perhaps get some photos on the ground.


Layers - In the colder months, avoid all turning up in big coats - trust me, its all you will see in the photos! Layer up instead and opt for chunky knits and scarves. If you're hoping to get photos of baby, I can provide plenty of blankets for you both to get into and snuggle up.

Kids - As a mum, I know kids love wearing clothes with their favourite characters and fun, busy patterns - its their personality! However, they can also be distracting and clash in photos. Choose softer and muted colours and again, layer up with some chunky knits. All-in-one snowsuits and rain overalls are great in the cold however it is all you will see in the photos, and we really want the focus to be on them.

Props - I may bring along a few props for your kids to play with, to keep them engaged and to ensure they are having fun.

After your session

You will receive a link to an online, password protected gallery 1-2 weeks after the session. You can download images in high resolution and share them with family and friends on social media. I may share a sneak preview on my Facebook and Instagram photography pages, so be sure to give them a follow!

Please note, all photos are edited. Images are not provided in RAW format.